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her learning disabilities and developmental challenges, Janet Lee expresses her joy and passion through art. Her innate ability and love for the fluid and dynamic processes used in the creation and expression of art helps Janet to communicate her thoughts and feelings.

With her vibrant palette of colours and unique levels of expression, Janet creates many abstract paintings and artworks that are loved by many. With more than 80 unique canvas artworks since she began painting in the year 2009, this gallery shares just some of her paintings.

Janet Lee - Painting - Patterns


Janet Lee - Painting - Scattered Flowers

Scattered Flowers

Janet Lee - Painting - WYSIWYG


Janet Lee - Painting - Diamond


Janet Lee - Painting - Part Diamond

Part Diamond

Janet Lee - Painting - Floral Reflection

Floral Reflection

Janet Lee - Painting - Maple Trees from Above

Maple Trees from Above

Janet Lee - Painting - Fire


Janet Lee - Painting - Rainbow Squares

Rainbow Squares

Visions & Dreams
Janet Lee - Painting - Reflection


VideoVisions & Dreams
Janet Lee - Painting - Multicolour Flowers

Multicolour Flowers

Janet Lee - Painting - Lines


Janet Lee - Painting - Peacock


BlossomVisions & Dreams
Janet Lee - Painting - Polka Dots

Polka Dots