Janet Lee - Expression Mugs Janet Lee - Expression Mugs

Who is Janet Lee?

Grateful to be able to create and express

Born epileptic and diagnosed as intellectually and developmentally delayed, Janet Lee faces communication difficulties, and experiences unpredictable seizures occasionally in her life.

However, amidst these challenges, Janet expresses her joy and love for art, and proves that breakthrough can occur when there is patience, determination, and repetitive practice.

  • “I will plow and tend to this land that was given to me. And from the soil will come the foundation of my being.”
  • "From where I am planted will sprout new beginnings and new futures that will take shape and bloom."

Art Beyond the Canvas

Expressed on bespoke and clothing such as dresses and scarves, shoes and handbags, or umbrellas and keychains, Janet Lee’s artwork and inspiration not only tells a story that delights and empowers, but also actively supports communities.

Janet Lee - Art Beyond The Canvas - Lewre Bespoke
Janet Lee - Art Beyond The Canvas - Umbrella
Janet Lee - Art Beyond The Canvas - Hijab