Janet Lee

Born epileptic and diagnosed as intellectually and developmentally delayed, Janet Lee faces communication difficulties and experiences unpredictable seizures occasionally in her life. Janet’s intermittent and unpredictable seizures along with her learning difficulties create an uphill battle for her to overcome the many inherent barriers and hindrances before her, preventing her from living a normal and fulfilling life.

Despite these difficulties and challenges, Janet has been empowered by her loved ones and a loving community of followers and friends to venture into a business of her own which is built around the foundation of her joy and love for art. Janet’s optimism spreads into a cheery declaration that “being normal is boring” and that she is made “perfectly imperfect”. As a beacon of greater awakening of our current state of being, Janet Lee is an example that nothing is impossible if you truly set your mind to it.

Janet’s paintings have been featured in a handful of art exhibitions and collaborative ventures, allowing her to build a following among the communities that she interacts with. Her works have been showcased in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shenzhen in China, Seoul in Korea, and the U.S. With creative collaborative partnerships, Janet’s art has also found itself beyond the canvas on bespoke fashion and a variety of charming merchandise and premium gifts.

The Janet Lee brand brings value through and is built around the ideas, beliefs, and concepts of Positivity, Empowerment and Gratitude. It is our hope that Janet’s ideas made manifest will bring value to her followers and audience, while serving as an inspiration towards enabling the differently-abled community towards their goals and ambitions.

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