Grateful to be able to create and express

Born epileptic and diagnosed as intellectually and developmentally delayed, Janet Lee faces communication difficulties, and experiences unpredictable seizures occasionally in her life.

However, amidst these challenges, Janet expresses her joy and love for art, and proves that breakthrough can occur when there is patience, determination, and repetitive practice.

Despite her learning difficulties, Janet has been empowered to start this venture into a business with the support of loved ones. She hopes to return the love by inspiring and empowering others through her works.

Janet Lee challenges us to look inward and draw inspiration as well as motivation from within ourselves in order to be empowered to do the best through our abilities and talents. It is with our hope that through contemplation of the dynamics of Janet’s artwork can we unravel deeper thinking and greater awakening of our current state of being.
With more than 80 unique canvas paintings in a variety of themes, series, and ideas that reflect the beauty and charm of the different environments that she sees and pictures in her mind, Janet Lee has a painting that reflects, relates, and resonates in some special way.

It is with faith and joy that Janet is not only an icon of hope and inspiration for the differently-abled community, but also a beacon of deeper thinking and greater awakening of our current state of being through her vibrant and expressive palette of colours.

Art Beyond The Canvas

Expressed on bespoke and clothing such as dresses and scarves, shoes and handbags, or umbrellas and keychains, Janet Lee’s artwork and inspiration not only tells a story that delights and empowers, but also actively supports communities.

Real Heroes. Real Voices

Invigorate International is a social enterprise that raises awareness and creates opportunities for “real-life Heroes.” ​Being a dedicated platform for these heroes to share their stories, Invigorate International offers live events such as corporate training programs and dialogues that focus on resilience.